Tariff Update from Lamons
March 28, 2018
Dear Lamons Customer,

The recent action by the federal government placed a 25 percent tariff on flat, long, semi-finished, pipe and tube, and stainless steel; and a 10 percent tariff on articles of aluminum, including: plate; sheet, strip and foil (flat-rolled products); wire; bars, rods and profiles; tubes and pipes; tube and pipe fittings; castings and forgings.

Section 232 went into effect on Friday March 23rd.

Speculation and eventual implementation of tariff has contributed to steel spot prices rising 40% over the past five months. Lamons expects to see more price increases from domestic sources as worldwide changes in steel pricing and capacity restrictions drive the market up.

Please know that we are very closely monitoring these developments. We are committed to continuing to meet our Customers' requirements while also delivering a top-quality product. However, as you know, a significant tax on any steel or aluminum input will cause a ripple effect throughout the supply chain.

We will notify you at earliest possible time if there are going to be any financial impacts to you. Please reach out to us directly if we can answer any questions.

Best Regards,

Marc Roberts

Lamons Hose Manufacturing
September 30, 2017
Traceability and Preventative Maintenance:

  • Hose identification for traceability and preventative maintenance management.
  • Lamons Hose Intelligent Tags (HIT) offer end-users an innovative way of tracking hose assemblies within their facilities by incorporating RFID chips or QR codes to durable tags. HIT tags can be loaded with any information necessary and easily read with any RFID reader up to 26 ft. away. HIT tags can also be read with any QR reader app for smartphones.
  • Standard hose assemblies are individually tagged per customer specificatiions with stainless steel tags.

Value added services:
  • Turn-Key Inspection and Testing Execution and Certification
  • Pressure/Leak testing and Certification
  • Positive Material Identification
  • Product Application and Installation Seminars
  • Full Engineering Support and Recommendations
  • Failure Analysis
  • On-Site Application Analysis and Field Engineering
  • Approval Drawings
  • Vendor Managed Inventory Programs

Update: Lamons has made significant investment to expand local hose manufacturing capability in several facilities across the US to better serve the region. Please consider Lamons Beaumont, TX, Lamons Rancho Dominguez, CA and Joliet, IL for all of your routine and emergency hose requirements. In addidtion to our existing manufacturing sites in Baton Rouge, LA and Midland, MI, these operations now stock a wide variety of hose materials and have crimping and welding capability. Lamons is currently in the process of expanding this capability to other sites around the globe to service national and global agreements. ...[ read more ]
October 13, 2016
The Defender™ RG Sealing Gasket has been designed to offer a tight and high integrity sealing solution for use on flange faces that have been subjected to erosion, corrosion, chemical attack and abrasion without having to modify or re-work the flange faces... ...[ read more ]
August 26, 2016
Available as either type "E" or "F" sealing/isolating gaskets, the ISOGUARD™ may be purchased as a gasket only or as part of a complete flange isolation kit... ...[ read more ]

July 20, 2016
Lamons, Houston, Texas, is pleased to announce that effective immediately, Nord-Lock® products can now be purchased at all US locations... ...[ read more ]
April 15, 2016
Lamons is pleased to announce all standard Spiral Wound Gaskets... ...[ read more ]
December 2015
As part of Lamons efforts to better serve the Western Canadian Market... ...[ read more ]
December 2015
What's in your flange? A question that occurs on a regular basis in the field... ...[ read more ]
December 2015
Lamons is pleased to announce a new authorized distributor, Yorkshire Gaskets. Yorkshire Gaskets will be stocking... ...[ read more ]
December 2015
Lamons Matrix gasket technology has expanded to a new engineered design to achieve low leakage at minimal load. The Matrix CPG Gasket is a superior performance biaxally orientated PTFE gasket material with a unique Corrugation Profile. The material has been specially formulated to accept this corrugated effect. Ideal for glass lined, plastic and FRP flanges where high gasket stresses are not possible....[ read more ]
March 2015
Lamons is excited to be participating in this year's Australasian oil and gas Exhibition & Conference in Perth, Australia. ...[ read more ]
January 2015
Lamons is pleased to announce that their UK manufacturing division, specializing in high integrity bespoke bolting and engineered components, has been granted ...[ read more ]
September 2014
Lamons has added a new manufacturing facility in Europe located in Antwerp, Belgium. Lamons Antwerp branch features state of art equipment similar to most of our facilities around the globe. ...[ read more ]
February 2014
Lamons is excited to announce an entirely new round of technical symposiums for Lamons University in 2014. Based on customer feedback and requests, Lamons will be on the road again in 2014 discussing new and exciting products that we have added to our portfolio. We will share valuable technical information...[ read more ]
December 2013
Lamons is excited to announce that we have been awarded a framework agreement with BP North America to recognize Lamons as preferred partner ....[ read more ]
September 2013
Lamons is pleased to announce the acquisition of Basrur Uniseal Private Limited, a manufacturer of high quality sheet jointing, located in Bangalore, India. ....[ read more ]
August 2013
Defender™ FS utilizes the isolation technology currently in the industry while also combining the sealability of the Kammprofile design ....[ read more ]
July 2013
As part of Lamons continued commitment to innovation and product line expansion, we are proud to introduce our new Matrix line of Premium Biaxially Oriented PTFE Gasket Material. Designed for use in critical piping ....[ read more ]
April 2013
Lamons is pleased to announce acquisition of the operating assets and ongoing business of Tat Lee (Thailand) Ltd. on April 30, 2013. Located in the Rayong region of Thailand, Tat Lee (Thailand) Ltd. is a manufacturer and distributer of ....[ read more ]
April 2013
As part of Lamons continued commitment to innovation and product line expansion, we are proud to introduce our new line of flange isolation solutions. Designed to address cathodic protection in a variety of midstream and pipeline applications, the Lamons IsoTekTM product line will be . ....[ read more ]
March 2013
Lamons is pleased to announce the acquisition of Wulfrun Specialised Fasteners Limited on March 26, 2013. Located in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom, Wulfrun Specialised Fasteners Limited is a manufacturer and distributer of ....[ read more ]
February 2013
In February 2013, the quality management system of Lamons Singapore was certified to ISO 9001:2008 by DNV Business Assurance.  The outside audit was completed within 12 months of opening our doors in Singapore....[ read more ]
November 2012
Lamons Singapore held an open house and technical symposium in November 2012, which received excellent praise from the local market and customer base. An impressive attendance roster from the local market included major users and ....[ read more ]
September 2012
To complement Lamons premium line of thread lubricants and break out compounds, we are proud to introduce two new specialty compounds each developed in response to customer specific needs ....[ read more ]
August 2012
Lamons is excited to announce the introduction of a new gasket design ideal for heat exchanger vesels, reactors or standard flanges where thermocycling is present. Lamons CorruKamm™ technology is a revolutionary new design that provides ....[ read more ]
June 2012
Lamons is excited to announce not only our recent renewal of our API 6A license, we are also excited about our newest API 17D certification which allows us to manufacture ...[ read more ]
June 2012
Lamons Beaumont, Texas became the first TriMas Corporation location to become OHSAS 18001 Certified! The team received their initial registration with no minors! Many hours were put into making this ...[ read more ]
May 2012
In January, Lamons published the first major Gasket Handbook revision in over 30 years. This major overhaul of the Gasket Handbook includes modernized information gathered over the last three decades and ... [ read more ]
February 2012
Lamons is always looking for ways to improve. Our valued customer feedback is a vital part of helping assess our quality and customer service. Take Survey
January 2012
Lamons is pleased to announce the opening of our four newest Sales & Service Centers in St. Paul Minnesota, Singapore and two in Spain... [ read more ]
November 23, 2011
Keeping to the spirit of our motto "Sealing Global, Servicing Local", Lamons is pleased to announce Technical Symposiums in numerous and international locations for 2012...[ read more ]
September 15, 2011
Lamons is pleased to announce the introduction of a new gasket design for use in the aggressive environment of the up-stream oil and gas sector. The ‘Inhibitor’ gasket was developed in response to oil operators demanding ... [ read more ]
May 2011
Lamons is proud to announce the opening of our new branch in Midland, Michigan. This new branch will provide the expedient local service, sales and technical support for the various refining and petrochemical companies in the area. This facility offers the latest ... [ read more ]
March 25, 2011
Lamons continues to expand into new global markets as part of our growth initiative. The latest additions to our ability to service industrial customers locally are located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and Grimsby, United Kingdom. Openings of these service branches will include ... [ read more ]
March 11, 2011
Lamons is pleased to announce the launch of our formal technical training program, Lamons University. For years, Lamons has offered training programs bringing the latest in sealing and bolting technology to our customers ... [ read more ]
February 21, 2011
Lamons is excited to announce our new licensing relationship and partnership with Valley Forge Manufacturing. Under this license, Lamons will be manufacturing the SPC4TM and Maxbolt technology ... [ read more ]
November 1, 2010
Lamons, is pleased to announce the acquisition of South Texas Bolt & Fitting, Inc. (STBF) based in Houston Texas, effective Nov. 1st 2010, by their parent company TriMas Corporation. STBF is a diversified manufacturer and distributor of various types of stud bolts, industrial fasteners ... [ read more ]
January 18, 2011
A historic problem with stud bolts and fasteners is material traceability in the field. Stored in a warehouse where material is tagged with Purchase order information and heat information, material tracking is fairly straightforward ... [ read more ]
July 4, 2010
Lamons rooftop in now the home of the largest flag in the world painted by New York artist Scott LoBaido and his crew. This U.S. flag is approximately 3.5 acres, which is about 150,000 square feet! ... [ read more ]