St. Paul, Minnesota, Singapore & Spain Facilities Now Open

Lamons is pleased to announce the opening of our four newest Sales & Service Centers in St. Paul Minnesota, Singapore and two in Spain.

The new St. Paul and Singapore facilities are centrally located within their growing markets of the Midwest North America and Asia Pacific. They are designed and equipped to provide timely sales, service and technical support to our end users, distributors and manufacturing licensees throughout the region.

Lamons new manufacturing facility in Tarragona is strategically located in one of the most important petro-chemical complexes in Spain. Our new sales office in Madrid will assist our Tarragona branch and they will both provide our customers with efficient service and support.

In addition to holding inventory of standard gaskets and bolts for same-day delivery, these facilities feature Lamons’ state-of-the-art manufacturing technology to quickly produce metallic and non-metallic gaskets as well as studs of any material and length. On site production capabilities include Lamons Spiraseal™ spiral wound gaskets, Kammpro™ Kammprofile gaskets, and CMG™ corrugated metal gaskets. Also, a wide range of PTFE, Graphite and non-asbestos sheet materials are on hand for immediate fabrication and delivery.

The new St. Paul, Singapore and Spain Sales & Service Centers are Lamons latest achievement in our ongoing commitment to Sealing Global – Servicing Local.

Nuestras nuevas instalaciones de Tarragona, ubicadas estratégicamente junto a uno de los Polos Petro-Quimicos más importantes en España, ofrecerán una excelencia en el servicio, gracias a nuestro amplio stock de todo tipo de juntas industriales (juntas de fibra sintética, PTFE modificado, grafito, juntas espirometálicas, Metaloplásticas, Kamprofile, y RTJs. Lamons también ofrece espárragos con dos tuercas, así como la maquinaria necesaria para la fabricación de todos estos elementos en medidas fuera del estándar de fabricación.

St. Paul, MN


Tarragona, Spain