Lamons launches Fire Safe Isotekâ„¢ Defenderâ„¢ FS Isolation Gasket


The solution for electrical isolation and the reliability of being fire-safe is wrapped into one ground breaking gasket design. Defenderâ„¢ FS utilizes the isolation technology currently in the industry while also combining the sealability of the Kammprofile design. The isolation technology primarily focuses on fiberglass reinforced epoxy which maintains high compressive strength and has proven to be a suitable material for the bolted joint assembly using ASME flanges and the related clamp loads. The integral core design is made based on the EN 12560-6 specification, the Kammprofile, and has shown the lowest recorded leak rates associated to any gasket design available today. For the Defenderâ„¢ FS, the Kammprofile is radially lined with a low thermally conductive, high-temperature proprietary phyllosilicate in series with a chemically inert, nonpolar, biaxially-oriented filled PTFE.
Using the Defenderâ„¢ FS and taking advantage of all of these outstanding qualities will ensure that your joint will have excellent dielectric strength within your Cathodic Protection system as well as produce the lowest loss of product due to high joint integrity, sealability, and reliability.
The Defenderâ„¢ FS sealing/isolating gasket withstands the rigorous API standard 6FB (3rd edition) test. The objective of the test is to monitor the total leakage for the duration of the burn/cool-down cycle and during repressurization. Leakage was determined by the total water level drop through a visual sight gauge during the burn/cool-down cycles and by capturing the water in a calibrated container during repressurization. The results concluded that the Defenderâ„¢ FS gasket was able to maintain its fire safe characteristics throughout the entirety of the test. Based on years of technological experience, the Defenderâ„¢ FS sealing/isolating gasket not only meets but exceeds the pressure containing capabilities in the standard 6FB (third edition) as outlined by API.

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Defender FS Report