Lamons launches its new product: The Inhibitor gasket

Lamons is pleased to announce the introduction of a new gasket design for use in the aggressive environment of the up-stream oil and gas sector. The ‘Inhibitor’ gasket was developed in response to oil operators demanding an upgrade in performance to mitigate crevice and galvanic flange face corrosion, exceed the stringent API 6FB fire test protocol while offering lower emissions and a tighter sealing profile.

The ‘Inhibitor’ family of sealing products has achieved this and has been introduced into the UK off-shore market through our distribution partner Alba Gaskets where the product was formally launched following the 2011 Off-shore Europe exhibition in Aberdeen.
Contact your Lamons Branch or Lamons Engineering Department for more information on the Inhibitor family of sealing products.

For more technical information about Lamons Inhibitor Gasket click here.

Lamons Inhibitor Gasket