Lamons launches New Line of Lubricants

To complement Lamons premium line of thread lubricants and break out compounds, we are proud to introduce two new specialty compounds each developed in response to customer specific needs: GP-450 and Artic Grade Lubricants.

Lamons GP-450 is a moly based thread lubricant developed in the spirit of our popular Moly B compound. This thread lubricant is more economically priced so that it can be used in more general applications. The compound maintains a higher level of solids which creates a formula that specifically addresses break out torque and low initial friction properties. Lamons GP-450 is an engineered compound that has been developed to bring some of the unique benefits of Moly B to a broader array of plant applications.

Lamons Arctic Grade Moly is specifically formulated to maintain low viscous properties at extremely low temperatures. This allows the compound to maintain the same frictional and break out properties found in Moly B, however the material is easier to apply and coat properly in cold environments. This characteristic is valuable to users who are concerned that their standard lubricants are either improperly applied or not applied due to the compound becoming thick in cold climates. Lamons Arctic Grade Moly addresses this common situation while providing the premium solution of a very high solids Moly lubricant. Testing has been independently conducted which illustrates consistent low friction properties in a cold test condition. The frictional properties are consistent throughout the low temperature spectrum.

Both of these compounds are immediately available in our popular brush top cans or larger quart containers. Gallons containers of GP-450 are also available as a bulk option.

Please ask your local sales contact or contact Lamons Engineering for additional detail on these new Lamons thread lubricants.

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