Lamons Upgrades Graphite for Enhanced Engineered Performance

Lamons is pleased to announce all standard Spiral Wound Gaskets (SWG), CMG, Kammprofile and Corrukamm™ gaskets that are graphite faced will be manufactured with our new Lamons O2i™ oxidation inhibited graphite.

Lamons engineering has worked with our supplier to develop, test and prove out this high grade oxidation inhibited graphite for our standard semi-metallic gasket product offering at no additional cost to the market and our customers. This new material will provide enhanced engineered performance for all applications in the field.

We are not just limiting this to one production facility; Lamons O2i will be used as standard across our global manufacturing plants and local producing branches effective April, 2016. Current stock will be run down over time but if you require our high performance O2i for new orders please contact our sales team to assist with your requests.

Independent testing has confirmed that the average weight loss has improved according to the standard TGA oxidation procedure. (4 hour test period @ 670 Degrees C - media = pure oxygen). Through this Research and Development project we have compared the results of Lamons O2i to other inhibited grades on the market and O2i out performs all. Some samples lost up to 40% in the TGA testing. If you have any questions on this R & D project please contact Robert Taylor, Technical/R&D Manager. (