Lamons Introduces 100% Stud Traceability

A historic problem with stud bolts and fasteners is material traceability in the field. Stored in a warehouse where material is tagged with Purchase order information and heat information, material tracking is fairly straightforward. However, once the fastener is installed in a flange and original association with these tools are lost, a user can never go back and investigate material origins of that component. As a solution to this, Lamons has standardized on a process of marking a three digit code on the end of all standard length studs and those cut from threaded rod in our factory. This three digit code can be extremely important in tracing materials and locating original material test reports. This three digit code is associated with material test reports stored electronically. Given this three digit code, Lamons can provide a user with original material test reports for each fastener upon request. This feature is added to standard length stud and cut studs from our Houston factory as well as those cut locally at our numerous service locations worldwide.

Our standard manufacturer insignia and registered trademark "L1" is still applied to the opposite end of the stud along with material identification per ASTM or other industry specification.