Compression Packing

Lamons can provide several compression packing materials and styles upon request to suit the operating conditions and provide suitable sealing properties.

Carbon Yarn Packing:It can be done in several options such as braided carbon yarns with inconel wire-inserted over mastic core which is suggested for valve services since the maximum temperature and pressure limits are 1200°F and 2500 PSI respectively. Also carbon yarns can be treated throughout with fine particles of graphite which is rated to 650°F in oxidizing service, 1200°F in steam with pH range of 0-14 except in strong oxidizers, or carbon packing can be treated with PTFE to help prevent color contamination and carbon migration which is temperature rated to 600°F and pH range of 0-14.

Fiberglass Packing: Lamons can provide several fiber glass construction materials with a large variety of features such as braided jacket of fiberglass yarns over a core of twisted fiberglass rope or twisted fiberglass core with double braid-over-braid jacket. Typically it is rated to 1000°F temperature for different services.

Flexible Graphite: It is constructed with pure homogenous graphite bonded to a fiberglass to have the thermal conductivity and strength characteristics. Graphite has the benefits of being a fire safe material, excellent chemical resistance, and good performance at high temperature. It is available with zinc corrosion inhibitor coating, passive corrosion inhibitor, and in a solid graphite jacket. It has a temperature limit of 1200°F steam service and 5000°F in non-oxidizing service, and a pH range of 0-14 with service pressure of 4000 PSI.

Graphite Yarn: This packing is manufactured from pure graphite yarns with good chemical resistance, low coefficient of friction, light weight, and a thermal conductivity features. The temperature limit is 1200°F/649°C in steam, 800°F/427°C in oxidizing atmospheres; pH range 0 – 14.

Metallic Packing: It is manufactured with thin ribbons of low friction foil that is lubricated with oil and graphite wrapped around a small core. It has a temperature limit of 450°F.

PTFE Packing: It is constructed with PTFE material that has an excellent chemical resistance and softer with more flexible characteristics. It can be FDA approved material and it is rated to 500°F with pH range of 0-14.

PTFE/Graphite: It is constructed to have the benefit of both material PTFE and graphite since it has good thermal conductivity, excellent chemical resistance, and including the advantage of PTFE matrix to control graphite migration. Also Lamons can provide material that is 100% GFO brand. This material temperature rating is 500°F.

Vegetable fiber: It is constructed with plant fibers that can be treated with PTFE dispersion or a special oil. It is rated to 220°F temperature and a pH range of 5-9.