Flexible Graphite


This is an all graphite material containing no resins or inorganic fillers. It is available with or without a metal insertion, and in adhesive-back tape form. Flexible Graphite has outstanding resistance to corrosion against a wide variety of acids, alkalies and salt solutions, organic compounds, and heat transfer fluids, even at high temperatures. There are two proven metal reinforced flexible graphite laminate materials ideal for 95% of all sheet gasket applications. Lamons flexible graphite laminates (LG-SS and LG-TC) are surface branded for easy identification. These gasket materials meet refinery, petrochemical and industrial service requirements.

Lamons LG-SS

LG-SS is a flat metal 316/316L stainless steel reinforced flexible graphite sheet material made with minimum 98% typical carbon content.

» Download LG-SS Data Sheet (PDF)

Lamons LG-TC

LG-TC is a reinforced flexible graphite sheet material laminated with tanged 316/316L stainless steel insert and made with minimum 98% typical carbon content.

» Download LG-TC Data Sheet (PDF)

Lamons LGL

LGL is homogeneous graphite sheets are manufactured from high carbon content of minimum 98% natural graphite.

» Download LGL Data Sheet (PDF)

Graphite Tape

Graphite Tape

Lamons self-adhesive graphite tape is provided in a unique dispenser that allows for easy field access and prevents waste associated with loose rolls and is furnished with a strong self-adhesive backing strip to facilitate installation as a form-in-place gasket.