HEADERKAMM™ Sealing Plugs

HEADERKAMM™ sealing plugs are engineered for air cooled heat exchanger applications (ACHE) in the up and down stream markets. The plug uses an integral seal design under the bolt head, a proven Kammpro LP1 machined seal in combination with various seal material facings.

HEADERKAMM™ Sealing Plugs are patented technology by BP. Authorized manufacturer is Lamons.


  • Integral Design - Plug with proven gasket technology to seal.
  • Seats at low and high loads.
  • Four sizes are available. (Stock)
  • Dual certified for high and low temperatures.
Installation - Basic Guidelines
  • Hand tighten to begin installation.
  • Hand tools or impact tools can be used for final assembly. Torque to desired load.
Note:Inhibited Graphite will not tear or rip during installation.
The graphite densifies sealing process during installation.

Seal Elements

  • Inhibited Graphite
  • PTFE
Note: Other seal materials are available upon request. HEADERKAMM™ sealing plugs can be reused. Plugs must be sent to Lamons Branch for inspection and seal refacing.

KammPro seal grooves used in combination with PTFE or Inhibited Graphite seal.