Specialty Bolts

Lamons maintains high capacity programmable mill and lathe capabilities for custom machine work on most any specialty component. As a leading manufacturer of custom machined products for the refining, petrochemical and industrial markets; Lamons recognizes the quality and service levels these industry's require. Lamons has over 30 "state of the art" CNC machines operated by programmers and machinists to deliver high quality machined components with the fastest response time in the industry.

From a sample, drawing or CAD file, Lamons can program and manufacture/machine custom parts with the highest precision and repeatability within .0005”. In house cut threading capability and roll threading capability allow us to employ threads of any pitch and design (standard, metric, ACME, reverse, internal, external, etc) on a wide variety of component surfaces and materials.

With our extensive threading and machining capabilities we are a great asset for companies providing products to the refining, petrochemical and oilfield industries. We have the largest cut threading capabilities in the South, manufacturing thousands of double end studs and tap-end studs each day. We can handle your production runs as well as your hot rush orders. Our machine shop has the latest technology in CNC controlled machining centers coupled with traditional machining methods giving us the ability to provide a full range of machining capabilities.