Lamons can provide a wide variety of studs such as Double-End, Tap-Ends, Combination, Single-End, All Thread, Collars, and Specials.

Double-End studs are available in four different types: unfinished, finished (full or undersize body), finished (full body), and finished (close body).

Table 1 (see PDF) provides the dimension of double end studs for finished full or undersize body (Type 2) and for finished full body (Type 3).

Also Lamons can provide stud bolts for pressure-temperature piping which conforms to the requirements of ASME B16.5 flange specification or to special non-standard length as shown below in Table 2 (see PDF).

» Download Studs Chart (PDF)

1500 Flange
150 Flange
300 Flange
600 Flange
900 Flange
Standard Length Stud
Non-Standard Length Stud