Thread Lubricant

Lamons CorruKamm Gasket

Lamons Premium Thread Lubricant and Anti-Seize has advanced engineered compounds that are unsurpassed in the two most fundamental areas of concern to proper joint assembly; make-up torque and disassembly or break-out torque.

Where torque is produced, friction is present. Correct control of friction is critical when applying proper bolt load. Proper and consistent bolt loads are essential to correct gasket stress and a good joint assembly. Premium Thread Lubricant will enhance and ensure easy assembly and a smooth disassembly. What truly sets Lamons Premium Thread Lubricant apart is the distinctly high percentage of volume solids content. Over time, and with exposure to extreme temperatures and elements, our blends will remain primarily intact. In fact, in many cases, our lubricants can even condition the mating surfaces.

Moly B

Unsurpassed anti-seizing and anti-galling performance with excellent rust and corrosion inhibitors content. The temperature limit is 750┬░F, but contains solid additives that remain intact up to 1500┬░F. The K-Factor is between .10 and .11.

Nickel 328

Unequalled in its ability to reduce seizing and galling in high temperature applications, Nickel 328 has very predictable and consistent friction factors. The upper temperature limit is 2500┬░F long term, intermittent or sustained. The K-Factor through 13000 lbs. load is .172, from 13,001 through 93,000 lbs. is .144 and above 93,001 lbs. through 650,000 lbs is .120. The highest solids content available is 77%.